I’m Frankie Winters, a generalist maker, designer, and developer in North Portland. I might be your new Fabricator!

I have years of wood- and metalworking, repair and overhaul, mechanical and electronic experience, and the planning and communications chops it takes to deliver consistent results.

Below are some recent digital fabrication projects and some other work I selected to share with you.

If you only look at one of these, look at the 400 Bottles of Beer Wall, which shows a hybrid digital-manual fabrication project in a small production run.

Seamless Plywood Lighted Window Sign

I wanted to make a sign that looked like a single slab of plywood, but was internally lit. This lightweight, hollow-core design is meant for hanging against a window.

400 Bottles of Beer Wall

Sixty-four square feet of rack with precision notches for hanging bottles by the neck.

Horse and Shoes in Steel

Clydesdales in ¼” Steel Plate, Rusted and Weathered.

Horse and Shoe Engravings

22″ Clydesdale Engraved on Plywood and a 24 Second Photoshop Thing

Geometric Mosaic of Colorful Weathered Cedar Planks.

Design, Construction, and Finishing Four 4′×8′ Reusable Background Flats

Let’s Explore 2½D Plywood Engraving

Covering the process of translating an existing piece of artwork into a multilayered laser engraving.

Octagonal Backyard Table

Ten feet wide. Eight sides. Four kid jumpseats. Two posts and a mini trellis.

1946 Chevy

Black primer, Corvette Fuel Injection, 65k miles.

Professional Profile

  • I’m an experienced fabricator, wood- and metalworker. I’ve worked on everything from custom aircraft to Amish buggies. I use my skills in digital fabrication, painting, sculpture, molding and casting, upholstery, and more to bring practical projects to life.
  • I have a principled eye for design and can back up my decisions with well-considered arguments. I embrace feedback, and believe in the power of iteration and of constraints.
  • I’m a self-taught web, macOS, and iOS programmer who loves learning new languages. Two of my apps have been featured by Apple.
  • Fabrication & Repair ★★★★
  • Digital Design & Illustration ★★★★
  • Sculpture and Propmaking ★★★
  • Lighted Signs ★★★★
  • Logos and Icons ★★★
  • Digital Typography ★★★
  • Electrical & Electronics ★★★
  • Painting & Hand Lettering ★★★
  • Wood & Metalworking ★★★
  • Safety Procedures & OSHA ★★

Relevant Background

Winters Design – 2007-NOW
Digital Fabrication, Props, Displays, and Trade Show Exhibits. Design and Fabrication, Owner and Operator.

Peter Corvallis Productions – 2015-CURRENT CLIENT
Design of custom, original stage and event props. Signs and Lettering. Estimation and bidding. Prop fabrication and repair. Workshop management.

Indie Software Developer – Plow Software – 2009-2013
CSS3Machine, a CSS animation and effects generator for iPad, earned a rave review in MacStories and was listed in the App Store’s “New & Noteworthy” section. Wordsmith, a semantic word processor, got top billing on the Mac App Store and was one of the first apps to embrace iCloud.

Exotic & Custom Car Builder – Dura Flex, Street Emotion – 1997-2005
I’ve built street rods, muscle cars, motorcycles, show-winners and antiques. I assembled drivetrain, suspension, paint & bodywork, upholstery, electrical & stereo installation, and final assembly. Sometimes I honked the horn, too.

Auto Parts Store Management – CSK Auto and Autozone — 1998-2008
Team Recruitment and Training, Inventory Management and Bookkeeping, Merchandizing. Occasionally actually sold parts for old cars.

I’d love to learn more about the Fabricator position at Superfab!