Endy MacDermott

To Endy MacDermott,

Please forgive this unsolicited letter. I am writing you on behalf of a young man who appeared at the periphery of my estate a few days ago. He was quite dry and ragged. He possessed no identification nor papers of any kind save a small scrap bearing your name and address. I trust it is still correct. The young man was quite incoherent when he was brought to me and has been asleep for the last three days, but please do not worry overmuch; I requested that my personal physician attended to him and and it is his belief that the boy will recover in a few more days. Still, times being what they are and the the state of overland travel being what it is, I felt that it would be best to waste no time in contacting you.

I do despair that I have little way to communicate his identity to you. He appears to be in his middle twenties, though it is possible that he is a good deal younger than that. The servant who came upon him believes that he crossed the badlands on foot; perhaps you can imagine the way he looks. He has dark hair, dark skin, a heavy brow and is quite thin. If you can recognize him from these scant details, please send word. I will make a place for him to stay.

Yours in earnest,

Fernald MacMillan

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