I arrive in TOWN three days before. I am looking for JAMES THUROUGH all around and do not see him. To the LIBRARY I go and to the ALUMNI CENTER. I'm asking A MAN there about James and he is saying he has not heard of him, "but wait just moment if you will, and I'll ask the Ladies out back." He's going out back and I am there and I am there and the POLICE are coming in behind me with GUNS and CLUBS. They're running out after him. I am there and they're bringing the man back in dragging by his hair. He is saying the ladies are gone.

So to the POLICE STATION I'm going with the POLICEMAN in his SQUAD CAR. When I am there they are asking me about the man I am talking with at the Alumni center. "They always let the Look Out take the fall, you know that don't you? Get a load of this son of a bitch, Gary. No wonder he didn't tip them off, he's dumb as rocks." They are asking me why should I go down for them and why don't I make a deal? They're taking off the HANDCUFFS and they are telling me it would be better if I am in town and they are working.

I am there at a small MOTEL near the OFF-RAMP. I am there and I am there and I cannot find James Thurough.


Letters from Underground