It ain’t good now for nothing but keeping


You asked about the foreigners. Well, there's too many, that's all. They're lined up along the storefronts, sleeping in the alleys. I managed to keep my hotel room to myself until just a few days ago. When I stepped out in the afternoon someone must have gotten the bellhop blackballed. I came back up through the rain and crowds and found that my things were on a cart in the lobby. I tried to buy my way back in, but it was no use. The concierge, the emcee, everyone's been tipped off. All my things, there's no way I can protect them.

Such a way for this scheme to turn out. All I did and all I did wrong to get this money and it ain't good now for nothing but keeping. The way inflation is, and the way the Cabinet's handling it, I don't think this money will be worth anything by the time that I can spend it.

I trust you know I would send for you if I had someplace for you to stay.

Dearest, Javier

Letters from Underground