Las Meniñas

We were been pinned behind an warehouse in Las Las Meniñas –for about eighteen hours. All night, we made the littlest move, they’d rain hell on us for ten minutes.

Early morning Pela‡squez took his snipe and broke for the overpass, but he only made it maybe fifty paces before they took him down. There wasn’t shit we could do but just hide in the dust below the sunrise and listen to him until there wasn’t anything more to listen to. The M.L.O. finally got though and ordered in a Choktaw strike, so we just lay low. I spent a long goddamned time looking out at Pel‡asquez, he was on his back with his head away from us so I couldn’t see his face, just the bottoms of his boots.

When the Choktaws came, the tanners came running. Trying to make the bridge, I guess, but they never had a chance. One of them fell over Pela‡squez. Landed right between his legs. For a splitsec I thought the fucking fiver was trying to make love to him, but then I realized he was on fire. Everything was on fire. The tanner, Pela‡squez, the bridge. Half of Las Meniñas burned & the Choktaws took us out of it.

Letters from Underground