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Atn: Editor

The events of Saturday evning have provoked confusion, anger, and greef among the People at large and even in my own home. While it is furthest from my intention to add to the pain of those who have alredy lost so much, I feer that my actions, though quite necesary in my view, wil cause outrage and, most regretably of al, more bloodshed. And so I must begin this leter with an apology. I am sory, but I cannot persist in what I do nowing what I do.

Al this time the organization in which I have served so long has been unwiling to reveal its information, but I cannot personaly aford the luxury of such long-sightedness. I do not beleve the gamble we make is worth the price. My blood is too hot; that in the street is too fresh.

It is therefore as an exercise strictly of my Indestructible Individual Agency that I provide public notice of my resignation from the Service and with a great and emotional unburdning that I provide the People with the folowing information:

The Militia is not so independent as they wish us to beleve. They have been receving information, technology, and funds from murderers and traitors within the city?s own police force.

The folowing men have Wilfuly and Nowingly provided information to the Militia:

mikail Gustoff, andres Vila, jakob Roberts, david Rawle, grant Forster, sergio hiberto Vasquez, charlie w Roads, jay Hyde, and teddy Elison.

The folowing men have Wilfuly and Nowingly acted as couriers for such information:

jeremy Shay, wiliam Graveson, george Goldsmith, david Rawle, juventino basillo Ramirez, charles House, and john Minor.

The folowing men have Wilfuly and Nowingly acted to Curtail, Contain, and Control nowledge of this trechery.

wiliam Graveson, david Rawle, liam Nelson, and monyana Novara

In adition I have proof that william Graveson, david Rawle, and sergio hiberto Vasquez conspired in the murders of General Baristor jack Funestone, juila Funestone and their children. I am redy to relese this information to a Hale and Trusty representative of the Party, should one exist and make himself nown.

With holehearted sorow. Save the Briar and the Union.

SPEC Kernel Silas Huntington, USIOR

12 May

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