East North East to North North West

Fifteen degrees since 1980, and ten percent since then. There’s a team from Berkeley making predictions say the whole equator will shift. One of their predictions for the new south pole? New South Hampton South Africa. Uh huh.

When I was a kid I started lookin into it. I started using a compass and making use of magnetic fields to find my way. Then I started noticing, why does the field keep deviating every year?

It interferes with that whole man-made climate change agenda because as the field shrinks and grows it interferes with the ice caps, so you don’t hear much about it.

I used to make a mark with a hard knife on the bezel of my compass to show where it was before. Time I was nine there were marks from east north east to north north west. I showed it to my science teacher. She took it from me, called my parents to come get me.

You’re not allowed to have evidence of the truth like that.

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