If you have some Money you can send

My Only Lorreane,

I so wanted to get something Nice for the Girls and You, and I Thought this year I'd be able, but Times are Hard, Even at the Port. I put my good tools into Hock to get you Something because I had a deal with Smith Collins where I'd be able to use his and we could switch off Shifts, but someone stole his Car and he got Laid Off and then I got Fired for Not Having Any Tools. I don't know what I'll do to get them Back before the shop Sells them. If you have some Money you can send please let me know, Otherwise the next Fifty Dollars I come across, I'm going to use it to come home. Tell the Girls their daddy loves them and remind yourself how I love you. Whatever happens, I should be back at Work or Back to You by the end of the next Few weeks.

Room 14, Norm's NorEaster
Hands-at-Five-and-Seven, Maryland 21349

Letters from Underground