Until you show up with that parchment


You're finally going to do it! I just can't tell you how glad we all were to hear the news. I'm simply overjoyed. An education, Moons, it's the best. I know you were on the fence about it for a long, long time and I just want to let you know that you've made the right decision, but you won't need me or anyone telling you about once you're through. It's bound to make you into who you really are. Into who you were meant to be. You'll be an upright man and no one will be able to tell you different. So you know, Jameson can't believe it and I don't think he will until you show up with that parchment. We all want to be there when you do–none of us have forgotten what he did to you.

Sarah's here with me now, wondering how any of us are going to address you when you come back. Nobody's going to be able to call you Moonie or Moons or anything like that with a straight face or a clear conscience. But I just can't imagine calling you Mitch. Mitch Vestoffsen. It'll be wild.

Good Luck, Moonie.

The Count

Letters from Underground