PDX Breakfast

A Mobile Guide to Portland’s Favorite Meal

I made a Paul Gerald’s Portland breakfast restaurant guidebook into an iPhone app.

I conceived of a few use cases for the app. For each of these cases, the app provides a tab. Browse, Collections, Nearby.

Browsing: The user wants to see the curated list of restaurants.
I’m in the Mood for __________: This user wants to find places with a specific attribute. In the paper version, restaurants were “”
Feed Me: This user is interested getting something soon and close.

Rounding out the Tab-bar quartet is the book tab, which shows an upsell with a simple call to purchase a paper copy of the book.


Indeed. Impallari Type’s Lobster had just been released. Moreover, iOS Apps had just been granted the ability to package and include custom fonts. Lobster’s permissive license, narrow width, and extensive OpenType ligatures made it the perfect choice for the heaviest lifting in the app: to display the names of restaurants.

To represent the app in the App Store and on user’s home screens I created an icon in a few hand-adjusted sizes.


The app is a native iOS application, using Core Data, MapKit and Core Location, WebKit, and lightly modified UIKit controls