Responsive Print Design Portfolio

A hand-coded responsive website to showcase the work of an award-winning
print and document designer.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that particular document designer is my wife, but that makes a kind of an embarrassing portfolio item title, even though she is the best client ever. Still, facts are facts, so there it is.


Janine needed a simple personal site with a few pieces of her work. The site is spare on purpose, “spare,” that is, except for colorful and ornate banners that call out key projects and give the user a color-coded affordance to hang on to while browsing.

Sometimes it the details you do at the last moment that are most rewarding. As it happens, that detail on this site is this animation of the tagline that’s fun and reinforces the theme of the site. It’s a nice moment for the first-visitor when the sentence becomes readable.

Responsive Book and Magazine Case Studies


Development and Implementation

The site was built using a node.js-based static site generator, assemble . I have been using the Grunt-based 4.x branch, but the new 5.x branch is close to release uses Gulp. Handlebars templates and Bourbon & Neat round out the front-end kit. Content is stored in markdown files.