Plow Software

A site for an indie Mac developer featuring Mac App marketing and support pages.

Plow Software’s website was responsive way back in fall of 2012.

Regrettably, the events which led from that time till now include the destruction of a few tables in the WordPress database which ran the site (as well as some hard lessons for me about backup policies).

Of course, most of the material on Plow Software’s home page concerned Wordsmith so some of these images will be familiar to you if you’ve visited the page that details my work on that project.

Logo and Branding

When work began on this site the featured product was nearly complete, but the branding and marketing efforts occurred simultaneously. They cross-pollinated to such a degree that I even now I have resort to using “featured product” to avoid mentioning Wordsmith in the first sentence of the of Plow Software’s description. In another context I might think of that as a failure of design, but in this one I just think my, that anvil and that plow look nice together. Should I reject introspection or do I rest upon these lowly laurels?

Development and Implementation

The site was prototyped in HTML and then converted to a WordPress theme. I used bbPress to manage the associated support forums. The user guide was created using a custom post type and a couple of custom taxonomies.

Unfortunately this site is no longer on the web.