Aluminum Rocket

A five-foot rocket with hand-formed aluminum skin and animated lights.

Moon Gate

A circular arbor for ceremonies and events with espresso finish.

Boxwood Hedges with Simple Planters

Two four-foot faux-foliage hedges with plywood “planters”.

Karaoke Taxi

Belt one out behind the wheel of this custom prop with realistic lights and detailed dash.

Signable 44” Nike Air Max

An arms-width keepsake painted to be written on with metallic markers.

400 Bottles of Beer Wall

Sixty-four square feet of rack with precision notches for hanging bottles by the neck.

Zigzag Rope Suspended Pendleton Blanket Frames

Sometimes projects change in arbitrary ways. This isn’t one of those projects.

Horse and Shoes in Steel

Clydesdales in ¼” Steel Plate, Rusted and Weathered.

Horse and Shoe Engravings

22″ Clydesdale Engraved on Plywood and a 24 Second Photoshop Thing

Colorful Mosaic Flats with Weathered Cedar Planks

Design, Construction, and Finishing Four 4′×8′ Reusable Background Flats

Collapsible Fairy Forest Partitions

Three foldable partitions with locally-sourced organic tree branches and two hundred seventy feet of fairy wire.

SkeeBall Redux

Nine more balls for a tired carnival game.

Daybed Swings

Simple, Sturdy, Daybed-Inspired Swings made for the Zipper

6:1 Rigging on Extra Large Fan

A six-foot aluminum fan suspended via a six-to-one pulley arrangement.

Chrome Bar

A chrome bar in the 50’s style with checkerboard pattern and LED lights.

Storage for Highly Varied Coffee Cup Collection

Octagonal Backyard Table

Ten feet wide. Eight sides. Four kid jumpseats. Two posts and a mini trellis.

1946 Chevy

Black primer, Corvette Fuel Injection, 65k miles.