Project Archive

Signs and Lettering

- Interior and Exterior signage for a homestead supply shop in Vancouver.
- A CNC machined sand dollar-inspired sign with soothing waves of color.
- This Oregon-shaped event sign is inspired by the distinctive entrance signs found at our national parks.
- On order for a themed dance event: a sign with inviting, luscious lighting and lots of vintage character.
- A hand-lettered Lucy rendered in plywood and paint.
Twelve-foot wide arch painted with doves and banners around a heart. - Three super lightweight twelve-foot-wide hanging backdrops with repositionable letters.
- An arms-width keepsake painted to be written on with metallic markers.
- I wanted to make a sign that looked like a single slab of plywood, but was internally lit. This lightweight, hollow-core design is meant for hanging against a window.
- Covering the process of translating an existing piece of artwork into a multilayered laser engraving.
- A small batch of lasered and painted plywood signs to deter spammy knockers and doorbell ringers.
- “Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia”
- Painted signage at The Zipper to help folks find the bathroom and the way out. Also, an admonition to keep drinks within their legal perimeter.
- A pair of matching, low-profile signs for Guerrilla Development and Brett Schulz Architect.
- Hand-lettered panes on the front and back with beautiful, even, LED illumination.
- Ornate Lettering on Rustic Sign
- Building the Sign Panel The Rock Drawing the Letters
- Bones in ivory on a narsty old board.