This portfolio of work is distributed in hypertext format for your enjoyment and consideration. Click through to see original drawings and build galleries. Contact me here.

Kindred Fixtures and Signage

Interior and Exterior signage for a homestead supply shop in Vancouver.

Animated LED Sign

A CNC machined sand dollar-inspired sign with soothing waves of color.

3/4 Scale Covered Wagon

Steel wheels, weathered boards, and aged canvas bring a cute little prairie schooner to life.

Grand Entry Arch

A full-scale romanesque arch with fluted columns, integrated lighting, and hand-carved lettering.

Landmark Table Arbors

Landmarks and architecture set the scene in travel-themed arbors with localized finishes and bracket designs.

Aluminum Rocket

A five-foot rocket with hand-formed aluminum skin and animated lights.

National Park Sign №2

This Oregon-shaped event sign is inspired by the distinctive entrance signs found at our national parks.

Moon Gate

A circular arbor for ceremonies and events with espresso finish.

Faux Neon ”Little Havana“ Marquee Sign and Dance Structure

On order for a themed dance event: a sign with inviting, luscious lighting and lots of vintage character.

Meeting Series for WooCommerce

A plug-in that turns WordPress and WooCommerce into a machine that sells registrations for meetings, classes, or sessions.

Boxwood Hedges with Simple Planters

Two four-foot faux-foliage hedges with plywood “planters”.

Karaoke Taxi

Belt one out behind the wheel of this custom prop with realistic lights and detailed dash.

Custom Script Sign

A hand-lettered Lucy rendered in plywood and paint.

Twelve-foot wide arch painted with doves and banners around a heart.

“Fiesta Del Sol” Hanging Muraled Arches

Three super lightweight twelve-foot-wide hanging backdrops with repositionable letters.

Signable 44” Nike Air Max

An arms-width keepsake painted to be written on with metallic markers.

Seamless Plywood Lighted Window Sign

I wanted to make a sign that looked like a single slab of plywood, but was internally lit. This lightweight, hollow-core design is meant for hanging against a window.

400 Bottles of Beer Wall

Sixty-four square feet of rack with precision notches for hanging bottles by the neck.

Zigzag Rope Suspended Pendleton Blanket Frames

Sometimes projects change in arbitrary ways. This isn’t one of those projects.

Horse and Shoes in Steel

Clydesdales in ¼” Steel Plate, Rusted and Weathered.

Horse and Shoe Engravings

22″ Clydesdale Engraved on Plywood and a 24 Second Photoshop Thing

Colorful Mosaic Flats with Weathered Cedar Planks

Design, Construction, and Finishing Four 4′×8′ Reusable Background Flats

Jetpack Portfolio Extensions

A WordPress plugin that enhances Jetpack Portfolio with Isotope layout and live filtering, new shortcodes, support for excerpts, and more.

Let’s Explore 2½D Plywood Engraving

Covering the process of translating an existing piece of artwork into a multilayered laser engraving.

No Soliciting Signs

A small batch of lasered and painted plywood signs to deter spammy knockers and doorbell ringers.

Heathen’s Greetings Solstice Ornaments

“Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia”

Collapsible Fairy Forest Partitions

Three foldable partitions with locally-sourced organic tree branches and two hundred seventy feet of fairy wire.

Letters from Underground

A work of nonlinear, speculative, neo-western, epistolary, dystopian fiction in 61 parts.

SkeeBall Redux

Nine more balls for a tired carnival game.

Pool Table Lounger

A concept to remake an old pool table as a set of party lounge chairs that latch together in dozens of ways.

Olympic Torch

A seven-foot tall prop with weathered metal and marble effects as well as a microcontroller-fueled flame effect.

Sorry Friends No Drinks Outside

Painted signage at The Zipper to help folks find the bathroom and the way out. Also, an admonition to keep drinks within their legal perimeter.

Daybed Swings

Simple, Sturdy, Daybed-Inspired Swings made for the Zipper

Pop Out Cake

I refit and refrosted a too-tired two-tiered two-sided pop-up party prop.

Hand-Cut Acrylic LED Signs

A pair of matching, low-profile signs for Guerrilla Development and Brett Schulz Architect.

Stage Door Sign

Hand-lettered panes on the front and back with beautiful, even, LED illumination.

6:1 Rigging on Extra Large Fan

A six-foot aluminum fan suspended via a six-to-one pulley arrangement.

One in the Head is Worth Two in the Bucket

Made for Upswept Creative’s Design Monsters coloring sheet.

Chrome Bar

A chrome bar in the 50’s style with checkerboard pattern and LED lights.

Magnetic Delta Sign

Wrapped in aluminum and steel-clad on both sides. Metal pole mount sleeve and embedded fasteners for wall-hanging. Pinstriped with good ol‘ one-shot.

Coupes are for Chickens

Motivational Co-Working Space Mural


Go Boldly


On the Singularity

Not the Velocity

Assorted Logos

I’ve made more than a few logos and logotypes over the years. Here are the survivors.

Original Enterprise

Storage for Highly Varied Coffee Cup Collection

Simple Wedding Chalkboards

Mad Hatter’s Hat, Times Three

Octagonal Backyard Table

Ten feet wide. Eight sides. Four kid jumpseats. Two posts and a mini trellis.

Keep Flying the Airplane

Web Design Sketchers

Sustainably-printed sketchbooks with a 960 grid

Eyeball Kid

Everybody wants to see the Eyeball Kid

1946 Chevy

Black primer, Corvette Fuel Injection, 65k miles.

Weathered Script on Phony Brick Wall

Federation Workbee

In 1/350 scale. Resin body, photoetch manipulator arm, decals. and paint.

Ornate Lettering on Rustic Sign

Ornate Lettering on Rustic Sign

National Park Sign

Building the Sign Panel The Rock Drawing the Letters

Laureled 45

Made of 2″ EPS Insulation foam. Leaves

Portland Birth Classes

I made a website for a local doula and childbirth mentor. It lists and sells registrations to the childbirth classes she teaches here in Portland.

Simple Gothic Windows

On order were gothic window props, five at three by five feet.

Plow Software

A site for an indie Mac developer featuring Mac App marketing and support pages.

Fossils Sign

Bones in ivory on a narsty old board.

Responsive Print Design Portfolio

A hand-coded responsive website to showcase the work of an award-winning
print and document designer.


I made a pared-down word processor focused on tools writers need instead of superficial formatting.


Animation and Effects Builder for iPad.

PDX Breakfast

A Mobile Guide to Portland’s Favorite Meal

Let’s Explore

The Thunder Road. Inspired by the movie The Explorers